about the artist


Esther Huss

Esther Huss is a dance artist and a choreographer with seventeen years of experience in contemporary dance. She started with classical ballet when she was 8 years old, and went on to train at London Studio Centre at the age of 17 in London. This led her to becoming a contemporary dancer and a dance artist. Esther has performed with industry giants such as The Royal Opera House, Jacky Lansley, Michael Keegan-Dolan and Aletta Collins.


In January 2019 Esther moved to Northumberland and using a grant from Arts Council England has begun to explore the extraordinary potential for high quality and relevant interdisciplinary work in the area, bringing the arts to all people, not just a selected theatre crowd.


Esther’s work succeeds in capturing the essence of a feeling, by creating an evocative sequence of movement, allowing for personal identification from each individual viewer.

She believes that truth is the key to great work. When a performer fully commits to an environment and the body as a vessel in it, then authenticity can be achieved.

In my silence

Esther choreographed In my Silence in response to a piece of music by Tomas Rosberg, a singer/songwriter from Argentina, in her new home of Northumberland. She then filmed it over one week on location in Setubal with the help of Portuguese film production company Luckymatrix. Northumberland and Setubal share a joint spirit as they are both areas living in the shadow of a long-ended industry and a port by the sea.


Shade of identity

“The piece started with the notion of a voice yearning to be free” says Esther, “but as it developed this deepened as I began to respond to the qualities of both locations. The Northumbrian landscape built on coal and steel and the desolate yet stunningly beautiful location of Setubal became an invisible character in the choreography. Like a human being struggles to reveal deeper shades of identity, so too can regions seek to shake off decades of history. It is this marriage of socio-political awareness finding expression in truthful human movement that casts away the decorative shine that can sometimes feature in dance films.”

The 3.5 min dance film will be available on Esther’s website from 8th September 2019. This is the beginning of many more films to come.

For more information, please contact Esther, check out www.esther-moves.com and follow Esther on twitter and instagram for updates.