04/12/19 Bridges launch event, Newcastle

Esther Huss

Esther Huss is a dance artist and a choreographer with seventeen years of experience in contemporary dance. She started with classical ballet when she was 8 years old, and went on to train at London Studio Centre at the age of 17 in London. This led her to becoming a contemporary dancer and a dance artist. Esther has performed with industry giants such as The Royal Opera House, Jacky Lansley, Michael Keegan-Dolan and Aletta Collins.

painter dancing


In January 2019 Esther moved to Northumberland and using a grant from Arts Council England has begun to explore the extraordinary potential for high quality and relevant interdisciplinary work in the area, bringing the arts to all people, not just a selected theatre crowd.


Esther’s work succeeds in capturing the essence of a feeling, by creating an evocative sequence of movement, allowing for personal identification from each individual viewer.

She believes that truth is the key to great work. When a performer fully commits to an environment and the body as a vessel in it, then authenticity can be achieved.

Bridges 04/12/19

line of dancers

A launch event for a new dance film celebrating people across Europe. Featuring live music by award-winning Geordie singer-songwriter Katie Doherty and the Navigators and discussion with North East based German dance artist Esther Huss.

street dancing

People in Europe

Esther travelled around Europe, meeting with people of all generations, race, abilities and status to dance with them in the streets of each location. The story begins in the North East, featuring the small community of North Blyth, Newcastle and Tynemouth Market. This is a rare opportunity to look into the making of this unique film, and hear from the creator the hilarious and moving stories of the Europeans who starred in it. “I wasn’t sure if everybody would be up for it” says Esther “but as soon as we explained the video was about people in Europe and would be shown in Britain they were happy to help. Movement is such an integral part of our daily life. It has the potential to connect people easily and this project is living proof of that’.

Katie Doherty

Katie Doherty

Katie Doherty’s MBF winning song ‘Bridges’, that forms the soundtrack for the film, was released in 2007. “Bridges is a song very close to my heart. As a song writer, there is nothing better than when somebody finds their own meaning in your work and when Esther came to me with the idea I thought it sounded like a perfect opportunity to ignite a new meaning in the song” said Katie.

This film is an example of how all people, whatever their stance on Brexit, can work in harmony together.

A night for Europe Film launch with Esther Huss and Katie Doherty and the Navigators at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle, 4th December 2019 Check online for tickets and details , check out and follow Esther on twitter and instagram for updates.