Tomás Rosberg

About the musician

Tomás Rosberg is a singer/songwriter and session guitar player from Argentina. Based in Europe since 2007, he's worked as a professional musician with artists from all over the world. Having lived three years in London and worked in some of the leading studios (Abbey Road) he released a solo record titled 'Now' in 2012. Currently based in Lisbon, Portugal (where he's worked with Sara Tavares, Kika Santos, Mikkel Solnado, Luis Caracol and Mia Rose to name a few) his main work revolves around live and studio performance/production as well as TV and radio perfomance. He's also a luthier apprentice with Adriano Sergio of Ergon guitars, one of Portugal's best known guitar makers.

When and why did you start to write your own songs?

Tomás: I started to write when I was 12, I had a band and we needed music so I started writing it.


What is most important to you in your music?

To keep it real, no plastic, mistakes welcome.


How do you feel the song ‘In my silence’ is relevant today?

I think it reflects on social apathy, and is a reaction to all the bullshit we see and play a part in. All the sensory saturation through technology.

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